When Ampeleia was established in 2002, it was not biodynamic, but the magic of the territory and the harmony of the elements led Marco to venture first down the organic path and then to undertake the progressive conversion to biodynamic farming.

Over the course of those seven years we all knew that we wanted to cultivate the land in the most natural way possible, as this is the only way to respect it. We are lucky enough to live and work in a place filled with diversity and rich in life: this is why the response to biodynamic farming was unusually quick, almost immediate. The soil changed colour, becoming darker and rich in humus, but also softer and more fertile, a true sentient organ of our ecosystem. 

In Ampeleia we produce all our compost and spray preparations ourselves. This is something we do together, whether we normally work in the vineyard or in the office: it is a time for sharing values and knowledge. Although producing the preparations ourselves on the estate requires great precision, awareness and study, this is necessary to be as close as possible to a closed cycle where everything is life and everything generates more life. For this reason in 2014 we brought five cows to the estate; they roam freely, grazing in our vineyards, producing the manure we use for our preparation 500.

We consider ourselves as guests and custodians of the territory, and as such we have the moral obligation to leave this land in a better condition than we found it in. This is the reason we use biodynamic farming.