Ampeleia is wine, of course. But it is also wheat and oil. It is vineyard, but also vegetable garden and olive groves. It is people, but also animals. It is high and it is low, it is small and it is large. It is work and opportunity for both professional and personal growth. A place for discussion and coming together. It was created through conscious choices, ours, we who decided to come here.

The emotional strength of Roccatederighi led us to make consciously mad decisions.

To develop the immense potential of this land trapped by an almost non-existent vinegrowing culture. To give back to farming the importance it deserves, to repopulate the houses with young people who want to invest in this work. To invest in grape varieties in which very few would have invested, working with vineyards located at great distances from one another and from the winery itself. To create unique wines, that represent Roccatederighi and represent us, because Ampeleia is Roccatederighi and Ampeleia is us

Our history Our history

The estate was established in 2002, the year in which the current owners, Elisabetta Foradori and Giovanni Podini, asked Marco Tait to take charge of the …
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35 hectares of vineyards divided into four main units purposely distant from one another and located at different altitudes …
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Arable land Arable land

Two hectares of arable land planted in rotation at Cannucceto, next to our vineyards, with an alternation of Verna common wheat and legumes. Verna is a long-eared native wheat with a low gluten content, which we rediscovered after it had almost disappeared, due to the fact that it gives a lower yield than modern varieties.

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We harvest it in July, producing “type 2” flour, part of which we transform into our common wheat specialities: pici and tagliatelle.

The legume seeds are instead used in autumn as green manure to invigorate the soil in the vineyards, improving its structure and making it more fertile.

With a view to preserving, developing and promoting our territory, we participated in the DRAGO (Organised Gastronomic Agricultural Rural District) project, with the aim of creating a short and virtuous food supply chain for the production of flour from ancient wheat varieties and typical local products.

Olive grove Olive grove

Our olive grove is close to the heart of the estate and extends over two hectares, with almost 800 trees of different varieties: Pendolino, Moraiolo and Leccino, all trees with high yields and tolerating low temperatures.

We harvest our olives by hand in early November or whenever the olives have reached the right degree of ripeness. We then take them to the mill, which is authorised to press organic olives like ours.

EVO oil is obtained by cold extraction in two stages, without adding processing water but recovering the water contained in the olives. This allows us to obtain an oil of exceptional quality, with a higher polyphenol content. We bottle our oil in 50 cl glass bottles, to best preserve flavour, aroma and organoleptic properties. 


The presence of animals on our estate offers an element of enrichment and joy. The animals bring benefit not only the land but also to all those who interact with them, by providing a more complete vision of farming life.

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This is why at Ampeleia we have 6 cows, lots of chickens and several beehives. Although not classified as farm animals, Frank and Rocca are just as important. Two big hairy dogs that welcome all our guests with wagging tails. Of course, only after having chased after their cars!


Our woods are dominated by chestnut and holm oak, some of which are ancient and full of hollows: the perfect habitat for many birds and for woodpeckers, in particular the rare lesser spotted woodpecker.

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At night, a keen ear can hear the voices of nocturnal raptors, such as tawny owls and barn owls.

Besides winged animals, there is also a great deal of movement on the ground, from our somewhat boorish wild boar to roe deer, porcupines, badgers, and numerous other animal species that fill our woods with life and interest!