Francesco Pascucci Francesco Pascucci


I have travelled a great deal in my life but in the end decided to stop at Ampeleia. Stop in a manner of speaking, because being the export manager I travel around the globe.

Travel and wine have always been key elements in my approach to life, the desire to discover different cultures and flavours.

I’m from Rome and an incurable Roma fan. With a mother who’s an engineer and sommelier, I was encouraged to drink alcohol, taking part in various tastings from the age of 18. My diploma from the Italian Sommelier Federation was only one of the side effects. In the middle I graduated in economics and immediately started to travel widely. First to Bangkok, where I worked as economist at the UN, then to other parts of the world as consultant for Big Pharma companies. However, the more I got to know the world the more I grew to love my country and yearned to return to the land, to nature, to more human times, to the beauty of small things, which I found at Ampeleia.

I arrived here from a far-off land, the Itata valley in Chile, where in 2018 I was visiting Elena Pantaleoni, owner of the La Stoppa estate; she told me that a dear friend of hers was looking for someone for her winery. That friend was Elisabetta Foradori, the founder of Ampeleia.

Today I  consider myself Ampeleia’s messenger. I take the philosophy of our natural wine, of healthy agriculture and of quality that we practice on the estate around the world. I like sharing the things I care most about with others – the beauty and flavours of an extraordinary territory that is there waiting for me at the end of each trip.