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I was born and grew up in Foligno in a family that always diluted wine with litres of water and never for a moment thought I would find myself completely in love and  immersed in this world.

My innate curiosity and desire to try new things has caused me to change my circumstances often, to put myself to the test and continue to learn. The same innate curiosity that my parents still remember with sore hearts, which made me decide to leave home at eighteen to follow my dreams overseas.

With my love of learning different languages and cultures, I decided to take a degree in Translating and Interpreting, which I immediately tucked away in a drawer while I got back to travelling.

My passion for wine was one of the discoveries (or rather THE discovery) I made in London in 2013, when by chance I went to work for an importer of Italian wines. After years in England and Ireland between wine shops and wine bars, wine distributors, wine importers and so on, I started to feel a strong desire to experience the world of wine starting from its roots.

In wine I found everything that had made me want to study and travel: for me it is the pure and honest expression of a place, of a culture and of a tradition, but above all of “diversity” in its broadest sense. This led me to return to Italy and become part of Ampeleia’s family.

Nature, the warmth of Maremma, the vitality of our group won me over in a few minutes. Here I can also satisfy my curiosity and my desire for learning, as we are an estate where our roles and passions go hand in hand. Where besides communications and business development I also have time to be on the land, in the cellar or with our guests, to whom I transmit the marvellous sensations of this place.