Roberto Lo Pinto Roberto Lo Pinto

Italian market Italian market

Born in Velletri in 1991 and raised in Aprilia, I get passionate about the catering world well before getting into my sixth year of high school and before enrolling in the Modern and Contemporary History course at the University of Rome (which I’ve never completed!).

I started working as a bartender in Nettuno first and then in my own town. My curiosity for the world of mixology leads me to study at the Jerry Thomas Project, but it was maybe that slowness of mine in making cocktails – that’s why most people would call me the “moviola” (=slow- motion) – that got me passionate about the “slowness of wine”.

I then started to properly take care of the wines at the bar I had managed until 2018, having fun at offering bottles which were still “odd” for the local community.

From that moment the need of knowing more about wine started to grow in me so I took part at the sommelier course in 2016 and also at the natural wine course with Porthos in that same year. That last course opened my eyes at the “legends” of natural wine and also at a great professional opportunity with Porthos.

In 2021 the need of putting more pragmatism in my storytelling and love for wine took me on a different path which coincides with randomly meeting Marco and Lucia in the Giglio island and that eventually led me to become part of the Ampeleia family.

At Ampeleia I take care of the Italian market which allows me to meet new people every week and to interact with restaurants, bars and shops, a world which I was part of, and I deeply respect.

I love traveling. My office is my car, where amongst many things also an embarrassing number of books are squashed, another passion of mine together with wine and movies.