Simona Mori Simona Mori


The life lesson I learned when playing volleyball is that you never give up on a game. I want to succeed in everything I do and my stubbornness has always helped me in this.

Volleyball also taught me the importance of collaboration; it’s a team sport but, unlike soccer, it does not tolerate selfish behaviour - you pass the ball to your teammate immediately. This is probably why, thanks to the team spirit of my colleagues, I feel as if I’ve been at Ampeleia for years rather than only a few months.

I am an open-minded, happy and very sociable person. I have a degree in languages and literature and have always worked in the tourism/food and wine sector. At Ampeleia I take care of back-office operations and logistics, as well as visits and tastings and, just as everyone else, I help out in the vineyards when needed.

I was born and grew up here, so I have known Ampeleia since it was established. It’s like a second family for me. My husband Massimiliano also worked here some years ago. It’s not blood that unites the family, but respect and joy for each other’s lives and this is bond we have here at Ampeleia.

I love my territory and am committed both to my work in Ampeleia and to local voluntary initiatives to ensure that it remains alive and filled with opportunities.