Valentina Fiorenti Valentina Fiorenti


I was born and grew up in "Sbocco di Meleta", which is about 100 metres from Ampeleia. When I was young I would sit on my swing in the garden and watch the small Lego-like figures from the winery coming and going, fascinated by their mechanical gestures.

I came to the company for a work placement in administration and back-office duties and never left. I learned that it was not just a place of work, but a community, where through sharing with my colleagues I could grow and gain experience, above all as a person. 

I learned how to work the land from my grandfather, who at 81 still looks after his own vineyard, and here at Ampeleia I am able to use that knowledge: although I take care of administration and logistics, whenever I can I like to escape from the office and dedicate time to our vegetable garden on the estate.

Working here I have come to understand that Ampeleia has the same respect as I do for my land, that same respect I will transmit to my son. To live according to those common principles I apply in my daily life: an agriculture that brings added value, the use of renewable energy and caring for the animals.