IGT Toscana bianco

Bianco di Ampeleia 2022

Through Bianco di Ampeleia we can express the identity of our territory in a different way than the red wines.

We wanted to recover the tradition of co-planted vineyards, where different varieties live together in the same vineyard and become a single wine. This is what our Bianco speaks of: of how harmony can be created through diversity.

The Bianco vineyards were grafted by selecting wood from an old vineyard close to the estate, choosing the healthiest and most well balanced plants. Here Trebbiano is the predominant grape, sharing rows with Malvasia Bianca and Ansonica.

Data sheet

With each passing year, co-planting gives a more rounded and elegant Bianco. Brief maceration produces a colour tending towards golden, sapidity and acidity go hand in hand, accompanying the succession of tropical fruit, citrus, camomile and rosemary. A true gastronomic white perfect with any food. Have fun pairing it!

  • Appellation: IGT Toscana bianco
  • Grape varieties: Trebbiano, Malvasia, Ansonica.
  • Training system: guyot
  • Alcohol content: 10.5% vol
  • Altitude: from 300 to 550 m/asl
  • Harvest period: 2nd-4th week of September
  • Yield/ha: 55 hl    
  • Ageing: 6 months in concrete tanks
  • Vinification notes: maceration on the skins for 2 days
  • First vintage: 2016
  • Bottles produced: 34,000