Come to visit us at the winery!

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Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-17

Choose your tasting experience

Join us for a walk through the vineyards in Ampeleia di Sopra and choose from a range of different tasting experiences.

"Alla scoperta di Ampeleia" (Discovering Ampeleia) includes the tasting of our Bianco (white), from our Trebbiano, and our three foundational wines: Unlitro, Kepos, Ampeleia.

"Giardino Mediterraneo" (Mediterranean Garden) includes our varietal wines, such us Alicante, from Vigna della Pieve, and Carignano, from Campo al Finocchio. They represent the fruit of our historical knowledge of the soil and the continuous evolution of our ideas.

Through the vertical tasting "La Storia" you will explore three different vintages of Ampeleia appreciating their nuances and differences. Along, you will learn about the evolution of our winery and our biodynamic tradition.

In the “Technical visit” our winemaker will show you around the cellar and introduce you to Ampeleia’s winemaking process and our core philosophy.