Ampeleia is an evolving winery..

After 10 years of experience, our awareness of Nature and our intimate knowledge of our vineyards has reached ever-greater depths. Thus, our land’s character can be perceived clearly in our wines. It is a journey that requires passion and determination, the ability to observe and to listen. Much has changed over the past years. We have grown to understand our land as we worked side by side, and thus we have recognised a part of ourselves in it.

Come to visit us at the winery!

You will be able to enter the world of Ampeleia, to visit its magic sites and taste the produce of local biodynamic and organic farms flourishing in this fascinating land.
You will also be able to taste a selection of other typical Maremma products paired with Ampeleia wines.

Contact us now to book your free winery visit and tasting by calling us on +39 0564 567 155 or send us and e-mail at