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Ampeleia has by now achieved a deep awareness of how its actions are in harmony with the land of Roccatederighi and the Colline Metallifere (Metalliferous Hills): our experience, the perfect understanding of our vineyards, learning how to stop and listen and the constant exchange of ideas within our team – all this has given birth to new insights that have been integrated into the original vision behind Ampeleia.

In 2009, we began our conversion to biodynamic farming in the vineyards of Ampeleia di Sopra and will gradually extend the method to the vineyards of Ampeleia di Mezzo and Ampeleia di Sotto, both farmed organically for the time being. In the cellar, we strive to preserve the essence of the fruit in the grapes. By respecting the natural transformation processes in winemaking, we ensure the birth of a wine that is the true expression of its land of origin.

Ampeleia wines seek to bring into your glass the simple and honest taste of Roccatederighi’s inherent diversity by observing, becoming aware and understanding its profound character.