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Originating from the Near East, the grape varieties that have been brought together in Ampeleia are often found in Mediterranean farmlands and contribute to assert their varied identity, rich in subtleties. In past times, vineyards were not planted with just one grape variety but many types of grapes were present and they were all harvested at the same time.

The former owners planted some Cabernet Franc in Ampeleia di Sopra to accompany the meet of pigeons they were raising. Today it well represents the terroir of Roccatederighi. In Ampeleia di Mezzo and di Sotto we have found, together with some Sangiovese, Carignano, Alicante Nero (Grenache or Cannonau, Garnacha in Spain), Alicante Bouschet. We’ve added to our vineyards Mourvedre and some co-planted vineyards, according to the tradition, of Trebbiano with some local varieties (Ansonica and Malvasia).