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Ampeleia aspires to represent the inherent diversity and huge potential of its natural and cultural environment. The estate results from the purchase of different plots of land, located far apart and on different altitude levels, with the precise aim of creating a great variability in altitude, soil type and microclimatic conditions: each vineyard has a distinctive identity that is enhanced by the uniqueness of the surrounding environment. Hence, variety is the keystone and soul of Ampeleia. In fact, variety represents the project’s constant quality, both physically and symbolically, and is harmoniously expressed in its wines that taste of the diverse and varied land of Roccatederighi.

Above the vineyards of Ampeleia, from the “massi” – as these spurs are called locally – of the rocky outcrop on which the charming town of Roccatederighi rises, a glorious view opens before you onto the underlying landscape: high mountains covered in chestnut woods and wheat fields in the expanse of the plains below.

In between, the gentle hills, with small farmsteads and low vegetation, soften the contrast. The silver hues of the olive groves dominate this image of the slopes, partly farmed and partly wild. On cold and clear winter days, the sea – only 30 km away – appears on the horizon dotted with the islands of the Tuscan archipelago.

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