Time regained

Like every year, the 2013 vintage started from the Grenache of the vineyard Ampeleia di Mezzo. After two vintages where the grapes were ready to be harvested as soon as the end of August, we went back to picking the first bunches in September, more precisely on the 5th. Harvesting in the crisp and energetic air of September feels nicer, both for the grapes and for those picking them.
To date, the Sangiovese and all of the Mediterranean varieties have been harvested, exception made for the late Mourvedre, and we will start on the Cabernets in October. The sun and the temperature range between daytime and night-time are making their small bunches even tastier, enhancing their organoleptic properties.

In order to favour the ripening process and to further improve the quality of our grapes, we decided to treat our vineyards with three layers of biodynamic preparation 501. It is quartz powder, dynamized for one hour and sprayed at sunrise, when the light forces start to work and the vines open up to the universe.

Even the winery, usually silent, fills with life and new energy.
The alcoholic fermentations have started without surprises and proceed regularly and well balanced; the first few curious and shy wine tastings leave us smiling.
Together with the wonderful group that has been helping us in these important days, I will say goodbye to you all, until the next time, for the account of this new vintage from the ferment of our cellar.

Ampeleia dream team

Ana (New Zealand), Theresa (Germany), Michela (Turin), Meg (Australia), Massimo (Sassofortino).


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