Tales of a harvest

It’s just their shape that’s changed, thanks to the magic of fermentation. Although they’ve been transformed, their true essence remains unchanged - that is their being a natural expression of the territory-vintage mix they originate from. An extreme crop such as the 2012’s one has enabled us to spot the first positive effects of our decision to switch to a healthier and more respectful kind of grape growing, and provided some useful hints for the coming years.

The vineyards where we used biodynamic methods combined with green manuring have shown a reduced thermal and hydric stress compared to the organically treated ones. It is always difficult to compare vines featuring different ages and pedological conditions; nevertheless such a comparison may trigger some further reflections. That’s the reason why we decided to gradually apply such practices to our Ampeleia di Mezzo e di Sotto vineyards too, starting from this autumn.

Since we set off for this new and exciting journey, we’ve been learning an awful lot about a new and fascinating world. Biodynamics is challenging so many formal and mechanistic principles, making room for a wider perspective on Nature. Plants are deeply connected with everything around them through their own special “language”, and continuously provide important information about the quality of such connections.

The onus is on us to be more sensitive, open and aware in order to understand their messages and translate them into practical actions. This is the growth spirit that inspires and guides our work at Ampeleia every single day.

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