An everlasting journey

So much is changing in Ampeleia: not only in the vineyards and wines, but also in our vegetable garden, animals and partly in ourselves as well.

What have these past twelve years of work left us with?

  • We have come to recognize the great potential of every vineyard and have transmitted it to the wines. In 2014, a varietal wine project will be launched starting with Alicante sourced in the Pieve vineyard. The future will see us discover Carignan, Cabernet Franc and Mourvèdre single-varietal wines as well. They will all be the expressions of the grape variety within a single vineyard, of the distinctive traits that have emerged after years of observation and experience, a result of the study and observation that has given rise to Ampeleia.
  • We have come to appreciate and understand the great value in the biodiversity present on the estate and of the regenerating force of our land (the use of biodynamic farming principles had a surprisingly fast effect on the plants and wine quality, an indication of the great vitality and strength in the natural environment that surrounds us).
  • We have come to understand our grape varieties better, enabling us to select which ones can be favoured (Alicante, a synonym for Grenache) and which ones should be replaced (Marselan).
  • We have learnt how to listen, observe and how to be patient and humble.
  • We have come to appreciate that the potential of this land is enormous not only in terms of winegrowing potential but also in general agricultural and energetic (the land’s good energy) terms.
  • We have learnt to trust our grapes as our work in the vineyard (thanks to biodynamic farming methods) gradually changed the energy they contained. Energies and expressions emerged that we knew nothing of and we have learnt to understand them. With them we have changed and continue to do so, just as these new wines are changing. So, we work and strive to respect the message contained in the fruit. We lead the grapes in their journey to become wine, a step at a time, year after year, realising that this will be a marvellous everlasting journey.
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