Gambero Rosso 2013

Two finalist wines witness the liveliness of a farm that was born to put into practice the ideas and passions of three friends and entrepreneurs who wanted to express their personal wine concept: territory is fine, but it needs to be interpreted and managed according to their vision. That’s the reason why they chose to plant their plots with a most varied range of international vine species, and then decide for each wine how many varieties to use and the related percentages. And that’s exactly what the most skilled craftsmen do.

This year’s novelty is their Unilitro, whose name is a clear indication of the bottle size used to market this wine. The idea behind it is to offer a quality wine for everyday use which is fresh, enjoyable and inviting. On the other hand, Ampeleia ’09 can be appreciated for its mineral and balsamic aromas, full and straightforward body and fresh finish. Kepos ’10 is a more subtle and elegant wine. It’s delicate and distinguished, with a wild berry scent on the nose. Its taste is balanced, featuring a pleasant, slightly acid counterpoint that is not extremely long.


  • Ampeleia ’09   
  • Kepos ’10
  • Unlitro ’11


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