From the winery

For me, during the harvest, the winery becomes a place of intimacy and personal knowledge. I’m writing you thoughts born from that space, that become words, exactly the way the fruit is transformed into wine.

It has been a tiring and busy season – both physically and mentally. Resources and energy have always been devoted - without interruption - to those agricultural acts put in practice to help our vineyards. Grown without the nourishment of the winter cold and the summer heat, at the end of July the vines seemed to me to be confused and disoriented at finding themselves so green and lush. I walked up and down the rows of vines, trying to find a common language of understanding, but also just to make them feel my presence, to encourage them and give them strength. 

Now, thinking back on that, I realize that the inverse process was beginning…That chaos – physical for the plants, personal for me – like the processes developed when stirring biodynamic preparations, dissolved the old forms of consciousness and created new ones. It will sound trite, but this year I learned an important lesson; the capacity to accept and not fight against the sacredness of events. In this state of openness and sincere acceptance, everything becomes brighter, and the ensuing actions/behaviors are more centered and charged with positivity - turning the work into a spiritual practice to use in life as well. This is what makes me love our work. 

Returning to being more “earthy,” the 2014 wines are highlighting the character of our vineyards. Pieve/Grenache, Meleta/Cabernet franc are confirmed as uncommonly pure symbioses of land and vine. Particularly the Cabernet francs (I admit I am not very objective) have an expressive strength and elegance that moves me…They go in the direction of the sun, like the cypress trees in front of the cellar…

Thanks for sharing.
A warm hug,

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