L'Espresso - Vini d' Italia 2013

Ampeleia project, which is co-authored by Elisabetta Foradori, the renowned wine producer, has started to acquire a more accomplished profile, where the ‘natural’ approach in relation to the countryside is not in the least a secondary aspect. Whereas Ampeleia and Kepos wines are widely appreciated for their elegance and style completeness, in spite of their fanciful variety composition and different complexity levels, Unilitro (a concrete-aged wine) conveys the producers’ intention to retrace the time-honoured tradition of offering a fresh and joyful red wine – a tradition which, unfortunately, hasn’t been sufficiently explored yet - in order to resume the tasting pleasure that the best vintage wines can give.



16/20 Cabernet  Franc, Sangiovese, other varieties – 20,000 bottles  €24/28

Balsamic character on the nose, wild herbs and spices hints. Well defined and even taste on the palate, clear-cut and neat. Contrasting finish with pleasantly bitter notes.



15.5/20 15,000 bottles €9/10


KEPOS 2010


14.5/20 40,000 bottles €13/15


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