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The first Ampeleia wine produced from grapes harvested in 2003 was unveiled six years ago. The current 2012 version comes from the 2009 vintage.

Many things have changed over the period in question. First of all, the wine is now marketed with a totally new and highly appealing format. In fact, the bottles carry a stylish white label and are sealed with red sealing wax. Secondly, the taste of Ampeleia wine has been enhanced to develop a more mature and charming character. The very name of Ampeleia sounds quite elegant and make us think of a sophisticated style, especially because such a remarkable wine is produced by a woman.


Elisabetta Foradori is not a newcomer within the wine industry. Her red wines are amongst the best wines from Trentino, the Italian region where the family Foradori’s farm is located. At the beginning of the century the family set out to create a completely new wine that would reflect its beauty and elegance concepts. The background research brought Elisabetta and her two partners to Roccatederighi, a village nestled up on Tuscan Maremma’s hills. It was there that, in 2002, they purchased a farm whose vineyards are surrounded by uncontaminated nature.


In addition to the northern Dolomites area, Elisabetta was also fascinated by the wild but generous Mediterranean atmosphere – why not try then to convey such a spirit through her wine?

So, she bought some old Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese vines from the previous owners of the farm, and decided to plant some Mediterranea vines species next to them. Therefore, Ampeleia has become an original blend of seven vine varieties: Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Grenache, Carignano, Mourvedre, Alicante and Marselan.

The elegant style of this southern wine has grown to be more and more complex and refined throughout the years.

Ampeleia 2009 is the quintessence of the Mediterranean milieu. In fact, this extraordinary wine encompasses the fresh smell of eucalyptus and aromatic herbs, a bouquet of ripe black fruits, the alluring memory of Mediterranean rocks, of a warm, gentle breeze and of a velvety sunset at the end of a beautiful day.

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