Vi.Vi.T. 2013

Ampeleia will be at the Stand 95, Hall 11 - ViViT of Vinitaly together with the winemakers from Vi.Te - Vignaioli e Territori.
See you there!


A new, more comfortable and functional area is envisaged within the scope of the Hall 11 expansion project at Veronafiere. Agreement with the Vi.Te. – Winemakers & Terroirs Association for selecting exhibitors, whose products must observe strict requirements. 

Vinitaly 2013, scheduled 7-10 April 2013 (www.vinitaly.com), proudly presents the second edition of Vivit – Wines, Winegrowers and Terroirs. The Hall dedicated to organic and biodynamic wines, in the wake of huge success last March, returns with major improvements intended to broaden the offering and respond to the interest shown by operators and visitors of impressive number and quality a year ago who thronged the area hosting more than 120 exhibitors, some of whom even arrived from abroad.
Very strict enrolment standards. As for the first edition, self-certification attesting to compliance with organic production system or biodynamic is envisaged. Compliance, which may also include tastings of these wines, is entrusted this year to Vi.Te. – Winemakers & Terroirs, an association of producers set up to enhance and promote organic and biodynamic wines; Vi.Te. is an absolute landmark for the field, to the extent that Veronafiere has signed a three-year collaboration agreement. 
New facilities made available. The extension of Hall 11 at Veronafiere will be inaugurated during the next Vinitaly. The set-up her envisages the creation of a "show in a show". At the entrance, visitors will be given a glass for wine tastings at the counters of exhibiting companies. Exhibitors will also include distributors of organic and biodynamic wines produced outside Italy.
"We have decided to focus on Vivit because, as the organisers of Vinitaly, we are interested in the development of organic and biodynamic wines within the main event," said Giovanni Mantovani, CEO & Director General of VeronaFiere. It is our answer response to demand for wines made using natural methods experiencing growth all over the world and especially in markets such as Northern Europe and the United States."
"For us," said Giuseppe Farrua, President of Vi.Te., "Vivit is a true meeting place for everyone who loves, produces, drinks, sells, talks about and passionately enjoys wine. We aim to transmit our values here, our honesty and freedom - as well as a shared vision of our work, characterised by wines made in a very personal way which express the nature of the land where they were produced."

Where: Verona, Vinitaly - Pad. 11, stand 95
When: 7th-10th April 2013, from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
More info:  Vi.Vi.T.

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